Essential Oil

CONSULT US ABOUT OTHER PRODUCTS: -Jojoba Oil -Orange Essential Oil -Grapefruit Essential Oil -Lemon Essential Oil -Mandarin Essential Oil Rosehip Oil Extraction Method & Characteristics: Cold pressure extraction method guarantees oils pureness, being obtained without any chemical processes , conservatives or additives. This way, natural properties of the seed are kept intact (especially the vitamins). Natural rosehip cold pressed oil colour should be a rich orange to reddish one. If the oil has been obtained involving chemical processes (solvents) the vitamins and essential fatty acids levels decrease, yielding as a result a yellow colored oil. 100% naturally ORGANIC: All processes involved for the making of this product (harvest, extraction method, packing) are certified organic. Thus, this oil is free from additives, pesticides, fragrance and conservatives. No animal testing involved. Properties: Rosehip seed oil is extremely rich in Omega essential fatty acids and vitamins A & E. Highly restorative; it is well recognized in diverse dermatological and cosmetic treatments. Essential fatty acids (Omega-3, 6 & 9) are essential components for the lipids, and contribute to the strength and elasticity of the skin tissues. Vitamins A & E (Tocopherols, Lycopenes & transretinoic acid) keep the well-functioning of the skin intact providing natural protection and antioxidant action. Organic Rosehip seed oil benefits & uses: Strengthens and accelerates the restoring process of the skin, softening and smoothing away wrinkles, stretch-marks, spots, scars and keloids. Acts revitilizing and improving hydration, rejuvenating and restoring skins natural flexibility. Blends well with diverse cosmetic formulations indicated for aged or dry skins, such as creams, lotions or toners. Origin: Province of Chubut (Patagonia) Argentina.
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