MAOAR began with the mission of being the leading Argentina exporter company of organic, natural and health products. To that end, we are actively looking for distributors and wholesalers across the world that could make these products available to consumers. Our Mission is to introduce Argentine organic products to the world as a solution to the global demand for quality and value.

MAOAR is fully committed to selling organic manufactured, certified products and delivering a superior quality and service to our customers.

MAOAR contribute to a better, healthier way of living for our customers and, in the process, contribute positively to the development of organic producers throughout Argentina.

We believe that food created using environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques and in accordance with the principles of conservation and safe land use, best benefit our customers and the world at large.

Work on balance, but in a natural way. MAOAR commercialise products that don't disturb the natural balance: biological and biologic-dynamic products and health products. These products have been grown and manufactured with respect for human beings, animals and environment.

Since its inception, MAOAR has had and continues to have great successes exporting its products to European countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, Denmark and Sweden.

Every new year we add new products to our portfolio.

MAOAR boasts an experienced management team who understand international quality standards and have the necessary qualified skills to deal with most demanding exports requirements.

The MAOAR Vision is dedicated to offering certified organic products from Argentina to international markets. We take care of every detail to ensure a reliable source for our customers and reach our goals, finding in a single company, MAOAR, a reliable partner in certified organics and natural argentine products.

MAOAR; It is a philosophy; a healthy way of living; a genuine commitment to respect and safeguard our planet; a socially responsible stance towards our providers and those who work with them; and more.

Our business partners share a dedication to environmental and social sustainability.
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